Add up to $3000 to your monthly income

Corporate Values


    With CVC new Partner Bonus you can add up to $3000 to your monthly income. Your bonus grows along with your clients’ deposits and amount of lots they traded. Everything depends on you, do your best and get the most out of your partnership with CVC. We are always by your side!


    How Bonus amount is calculated?

    The amount of your bonus depends on the total monthly turnover of your clients and the number of lots they traded. There are 3 options of bonus income, please see the table below:

    Monthly Bonus +$500 +$1000 +$3000
    Monthly turnover $25000 $50000 $100000
    Number of lots 250 500 1000

    How to enroll in the Bonus program?

    Open Partner account

    Register in CVC Personal Area and activate Partner account

    Invite clients

    Get your referral link and start attracting clients via free promotion materials

    Get commission

    Partner gets up to $15 for every lot traded by their clients

    Get Bonus

    Enjoy your honestly earned Bonus money every month!